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Railing Parts

Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.101.XX.04.S Flat
Part No. Length
GC.102.XX.04.S 33.7mm
GC.103.XX.04.S 42.4 mm
GC.106.XX.04.S 1.5 inch
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.201.XX.04.S Flat
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.203.XX.04.S 42.4 mm
GC.204.XX.04.S 48.3 mm
GC.207.XX.04.S 1.5 inch
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.301.XX.04.S Flat
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.302.XX.04.S 33.7 mm
GC.303.XX.04.S 42.4 mm
GC.306.XX.04.S 48.3 mm
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.401.XX.04.S Flat
Part No. Pipe Dia
GC.403.XX.04.S 42.4 mm
GC.404.XX.04.S 48.3 mm
GC.407.XX.04.S 2.0 inch
Glass Thickness XX
6mm 01
8mm 02
10mm 03
12mm 04
8.76mm 06
9.52mm 07
10.76mm 08
11.52mm 09
12.76mm 10
3/8 inch 20
1/2 inch 21
All Glass Clips also available in Zamak (Zinc Alloy) and in SS 316 (V4A)

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